MESON will work with its clients to create and grow AR and VR services from the initial idea all the way through post-release analysis and product iterations.

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    Before development, we will generate concepts of unprecedented value, design business models, and experiences that will keep users engaged in the final product.

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    MESON members are known as AR and VR knowledge sources in various online communities. Through our consulting, we can recommend solutions that are on the cutting edge of the industry that can help our clients achieve their vision.

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    Design / Develop

    Our product designs always center around the user experience. We find solutions that solve problems first, and then begin creating the AR and VR experience itself.

Our strength

MESON is a creative studio that has three core strengths: Business Planning, Growth-focused User Experience Design, and Development capabilities. Internally, we maintain strict quality standards on the technology behind our AR and VR products, but our primary goal is always to create and build services for our clients that users will love.


Over the years, our business consulting services have proven that we don’t chase the whims of temporary popularity, but rather, collaborate with clients to build lasting businesses.


From first-hand experienced, we know that our services can’t stop at developing a product alone-- we stay with clients post-launch to perform analysis and improvement of our products, to ensure our clients and partners will see future growth.


On the surface, our products appear well-designed. But internally, we pride ourselves in our architectural design and engineering dexterity, because we know that great products are thoughtfully designed as a whole, and scale and continuity of quality are only possible with a strong foundation.

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